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The Netherworld
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CLOSED Nippon Ichi-based Multifandom Roleplaying Game

Hidden away from humanity are the worlds of demons and monsters known as the Netherworlds. Here, order is scorned and chaos reigns: stealing, lying, and doing whatever you want is the norm. In these might-makes-right worlds, only one thing matters: power. Demons more powerful than average known as Demon Lords enforce the confusing and seemingly nonsensical social order while, above them in each Netherworld, a single demon more powerful than any other dictates how the entire world functions:

The Overlord.

Most Overlords claim to be the strongest demon in the cosmos despite many never meeting another Overlord in their entire life. However, these cosmic warlords and dictators may not be the strongest of the strong as they are thought to be. Stories tell of a demon known to be the Overlord of Overlords who claims the entire cosmos as his own and has earned the legendary title of [Lord of Terror]. Some demons worship him as God, some are afraid to speak of him, and others think he is nothing more than a fairytale to scare children into behaving.

Of course, as you may have guessed, this godlike Overlord exists! Not only that, be he has brought you to his personal Netherworld against your will. Welcome to the Netherworld of Netherworlds, a certifiable (but not literal) Hell! This Netherworld of Netherworlds is stuck in a war between the neighboring human and angel worlds, Gaia and Aether, respectively.

So, what will you do? Do your best to muster a seemingly normal life in this new, screwed up world? Align yourself with the Overlord in a bid to gain power or to make others miserable for your own entertainment? Quiver in the corner, whimpering softly to yourself? Use the resources available to you to in an attempt to wage war against the Lord of Terror? Remember, not even gods are undefeatable!

Just one little parting word: the defeat of Overlord Baal, by no means, entails the end of your ordeal or the gaining of your freedom! Of course, you won’t know that until you beat him, will you?

Welcome to netherworld_rpg, a panfandom roleplay with a tenuous fourth-wall which balances comedy and plot, characterization and freedom.

-The Generic Few Rules. No godmoding, stay in-character, don’t cause trouble, listen to the mods, et cetera. If any of this doesn't fall into the realm of common sense, it should.

-Read Everything in RP Info. No, seriously. All of it. And remember it. There will be a test.

-Any pre-existing fictional character is allowed. Real people are obviously not; original characters, no.

-There is no fourth wall in the Netherworld. This doesn’t mean Character A should recognize Character B, it means that characters who canonically break the fourth wall are completely free to do so here, unlike various other games where it is against the rules. If it’s something they do, then there’s no need to hesitate. At the same time, this does not mean characters who do not canonically break the fourth wall should do so here; in fact, they shouldn't, since fourth-wall-breaking will be treated as a form of characterization.

-As an extension of the above rule, you are heavily encouraged to treat Livejournal errors as actually having occurred IC. Posting and commenting is disabled? Widespread muteness curse. Downtime? A total blackout in everyone's memory (OMINOUS). There will be IC explanations for these: for example, Doctor BT causing everyone to become mute or Overlord Baal wiping everyone's memories. This is not meant to be an excuse to 4th-wall-break.

-There is a character limit, per player, of five. After a while, if/when a good number of people have five characters, we may implement a system for earning new character slots. On a related note, no one player can play more than two characters from a single canon.

-The Netherworld is anywhere between G and R rated in public. Friend-lock anything that gets beyond that.

-Any pairings are allowed, but try to tone down the superweird. We’re looking at you, Scooby-Doo/Shaggy shippers.

-Don't try to join the comm with your personal journal. You know. Stating it just in case. Watching... is fine, basically, but not really encouraged.

-As can be seen (whenever they're posted) in the info posts, there are several unusual things about the way the Netherworld is run OoC. If any of them really really rub you the wrong way, you probably don't want to join. If you already did join and just figured them out, well. Guess you should have read the info posts!

The game is now closed.
AIM: Grave Mask or Captain Gardock

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