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News Post -- THE END Edition

It's actually six o'clock for one in my miserable life, and time for the news!

Widespread confusion plagues Baal's Netherworld over the sudden release of the Lord of Terror's kidnappees. We here at the Nether News Network are proud to announce that we have once again scored an exclusive interview with Prinny Vizier Scrooge McDood, who hopes to illuminate the subject.

It's quite simple, sir dood. The Overlord, myself, and much of the rest of the staff were simply fed up! First that Devourlord simpleton tries to take over as the endboss, then half the Netherworld is taken over by Zerg, then riots? I say, dood, we even lost a Demonic Deva or two in all that commotion! Well, no one particularly liked Doctor Badtouch--er, BT anyway, so we'll call it an acceptable loss for a lesson well-learned. You multifandom louts are deplorable, dood!

Haha! Well, there you have it, folks. An abrupt end to a long and patently ridiculous era.

At any rate, over to Pleinair for coverage of Netherworld Spring Break '10 at the Sea of Gehenn--


[Time to blow this popsicle stand. See you some other time.]


[A week or so into the riots and various other happenings, Baal's Castle begins to rumble. The sky goes dark, and the NPCs, at the very least, freeze in fear. Lightning strikes; then it strikes again, and again. The Lord of Terror rises.

Colossal and mighty, he marches through his Netherworld, trampling anything that makes the mistake of being underfoot. Something has to be done. One of his devas dead, his property defaced, his power challenged. Unacceptable. However, he seems to ignore the protesters. They are as insects, and he sees no need to waste time crushing them as individuals. He reaches, instead, one titanic hand to the source of the problem.

Almost clumsily, with his immense fingers, he lifts a small hidden panel on the Dimensional Gate and presses a switch underneath it. Should anyone inspect it, it will read ON/OFF.]


[OoC: Any ongoing logs can continue until they're completed. Reactions can go in the comments to this post. However, for new posts, netherworld_rpg is officially closed. Thanks for playing!]


Feb. 26th, 2010

It's twelve o'clock, and time for the news!

Baal's Netherworld has had no peace in the past few weeks, with the failed Zerg takeover coinciding with the resolution of the Devourlord debacle, both ending in death and/or mysterious disappearance on the part of the troublemakers. Interestingly, the status quo has still not recovered, as the humans, demons and etc. from various planets that Lord of Terror Baal kidnapped have finally begun to riot!

Let's go to our field reporter, Same, for breaking news on the pandemonium in Pandemonium!

Terrible as that pun was, Usagi, mocking you won't really make me feel any safer here! I mean, I see the freaking Space Battleship Yoshitsuna in the sky--things are heating up! Everyone seems to be capitalizing on the chaos of the past two major events to bait the Overlord and his minions into a fight, but the motive for this clearly suicidal protest remains unclear! I have here the human who claims to be the mastermind behind the riot, a certain Kamina. Kamina, what are your thoughts on your and your followers' impending obliteration?

Bullshit! Every one of these people is now a member of the Gurren Brigade, and we're not gonna stop until


Er, ahem, sorry, folks. The network asked us to cut that interview for being "too hot blooded," "incoherent," and "encouraging illegal protesting activity." At any rate, people are freaking out. What will Lord of Terror Baal, Prinny Vizier Scrooge McDood, and the Demonic Devas do in response? Only time will tell.

And now, over to Pleinair with much brighter news about the 2010 Winter Tartarics! Tell us about the Dark Lord Valvoga's Netherworld Team's crushing defeat in magma curling.

[OoC: If you're not doing so already, you can feel free to post about what your character is doing for endgame as though it were an event. If you plan to do something requiring an NPC, try to organize a log over AIM. And if possible, I'd like to set a deadline on this plot so it doesn't drag out. Let's try to get everything done by March 5?]


Everyone's malaise seems to be contagious, at least to me.

I could try to stick things out with Signum, but I honestly don't think it'll be as fun as just watching you guys and rofling.

Please friend remove brustriese and assume she got better through the Power of Friendship And Large Hammers.

Sorry Berry.

I'm afraid Kerrigan isn't the only one.

This muse has also set sail, sadly.

So, after Kerrigan's death, a now unconscious Sanae is sent back home, uninfected due to dimensional travel.

Or something.

So hover-remove or

friend remove youkai_hunting

Zetta and Vulcanus will be around for the endgame.



So yeah. That's done with, abruptly. Sorry for cutting that plot short like that but I just had a TOTAL muse death from a combination of factors.

Namely, I got sick, I had a big project to work on, and I let the Kerrigan plot just get WAY too big.

With that in mind, No more Kerrigan

friend_Drop queenofthezerg


Yeah, half the mods dropped. As a disclaimer, there's no behind-the-scenes drama or anything. There's just been a lot of apathy among the mod team for a while now. Truth be told, it's affecting me (Ethan, for the record, I just didn't think the grinning Gunner icon would be appropriate for this post) and BF too. I know a lot of the players individually are still having lots of fun with the game, which is why we can't just up and close it. But the game in general is showing signs of slowing down, too, and handing the game over to a completely new mod team wouldn't help the matter any more than having two ennui-laden mods. I've thought really hard about what the best thing to do from here is, and I think it's to go out with a bang.

Netherworld RPG will be entering Endgame soon. At the end of the Kerrigan plot, I'll personally take care of organizing a short but ideally universal player character insurrection against Baal, which will lead to a plot end to the game. This should give everyone time to wrap things up and be more satisfying than fizzling out.

Like I said, I know plenty of you are still going strong--I've gotten people basically asking whether or not the game was going to close since Hustino and Kiyuu dropped, and saying it doesn't have to--but when the mod team starts to fall apart, be it due to apathy, coincidence, drama, or whatever, a game generally doesn't last long, even with new mods (I've also gotten more than one offer to help). It's just kind of a domino effect, and I think this is a good compromise to avoid that. I don't want to be completely undemocratic about this, so in the event of unanimous SHOCK AND HORROR AND DISAGREEMENT from the playerbase a change of plans is possible--but please, think it over. I really do think closing on an awesome note is for the best at this point, so we can say the RP had a good run.

Naturally, questions and if you must the aforementioned shock, horror, and disagreement go here.
With my cast gone, well, I'll be dropping Kanako.  I'm out on this game then.

Some good times were had.  Take care, okies?

I probably won't be re-using the journal for quite some time, if at all.  The muse is a little burned out.


Bah, I hate to do this, but it's necessary. It's like peeling a bandaid: It's inevitable, but I keep wanting to do it slowly and put it off. Oh well.

For numerous reasons, mostly related to boredom--a mod disinterested in his own game is terrible for the game itself--and the fact I'm working on several other projects that are taking up my time, I'm going to need to suck it up and drop Netherworld. It was fun while it lasted and I'm sorry to anyone whose characters will be negatively affected by their disappearances, but...it's unavoidable.

So, please friend remove:


It's been fun! I play with a good portion of you in other games, so see you there.


Feb. 10th, 2010

Hey guys.

It kinda sucks, but I've more or less lost my motivation for the game. I've been trying to get it together for a while now, but I've kinda failed. So I'm stepping down from my mod duties and dropping. >: Plz to be doing:

friend remove inferior_lady
friend remove makenshimeister

Both journals will be recycled soon, so it'd be awesome if you guys did that.

Later. ♥



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